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AARSPA President's Remarks


Barry Fader, President AARSPA

Greeting Friends and Colleagues:
It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the President of AARSPA for the next two years. This year, we are celebrating our 75th year that AARSPA has been serving the employees of Anne Arundel Public Schools. Our membership has grown to a little less than two thousand members. Our prime purpose is to keep and protect our benefits that we have earned over the years. Furthermore, we maintain a legislative committee that monitors the state legislative bills that impact public school benefits (i.e. pension funding and health care). This is in conjunction with our state affiliate MRSPA. MRSPA is non –partisan and is the only organization in the state that works exclusively for retired school system personnel. Also, we have a very active community involvement committee. This committee collects can goods for needy families, toiletries for needy adults, books for needy children, and school supplies for children attending school. Furthermore, our membership collects money each year to fund scholarships for high school students that would like to acquire a degree in education. We try hard to keep our membership informed about concerns that impact our health care benefits. In our spare time, we sponsor luncheons with guest speakers as well as entertainment for the membership. We have a committee that works hard on the details of sponsoring day trips. Also, we have an annual trip to Florida so that we can keep in touch with our colleagues that have moved away from the area. For those of you that like to sing, we have a very active chorus of more than thirty members that sings for many different organizations. This you, we had a team of members that raise $5,000.00 for the first Alzheimer Walk.
As your new President, I have established some goals that combine what Charlie Gable has worked on during the past two years, legislative priorities that MRSPA has set forth, and some that I would like to put in place. Obviously, these goals can only be accomplished with the support of all of the members. They are as follows:
 To increase participation in all of the activities of AARSPA. There are enough members to share the load of work being performed by roughly fifty members
 To tighten our participation with of our members that live in Florida and other parts of the USA with our members here in Maryland
 To increase our membership by 7% as requested by MRSPA. It would be fantastic to have our membership exceed where we are today
 To create more opportunities to prompt to stimulate membership participation such as motivating guest speakers at our luncheons, more variety in where our trips go to, and implement topics of interest to our general measurement.
Active participation by our members adds to the success of our organization.
Nine Legislative Priorities being Initiated by MRSPA
1. Pension protection
2. Secure Choice Retirement
3. Health Care
4. Quality of Life
5. Safety
6. Consumer Protection
7. Education
8. Supplemental Pension Funding
9. Long Term Care
I am very appreciative to be surrounded by and supported by a very dedicated group exec board officers, committee chairpersons, and general membership folks in doing the work of AARSPA. We always have room for some new ideas and an extra pair of hands to better serve the membership as well as the families in Anne Arundel County. With your assistance, AARSPA will be around in full force to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2040.
Sincerely yours,


Barry Fader, President AARSPA





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