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Presidents' Message

PresidentThank you for giving us the opportunity to serve as the Anne Arundel Retired School Personnel Association (AARSPA) co-presidents for the next two years. The challenge of this office is made less daunting by sharing the responsibility. During its 77 year history this organization has looked out for the interests of retirees from Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Our excellent relationship with our former employer is largely due to the work of the past leaders of AARSPA and your reputation as deserving retirees, who dedicated their professional lives to the students and communities of Anne Arundel County. It is in our collective best interests to continue to foster this positive relationship and keep abreast of the many issues that may impact the future. We want to expand our membership to include many of our more recent retirees who may not understand the purpose or function of our organization. We hope that you will join us in reaching out to retirees and asking them if they are members. We think you may be as surprised as we were when we looked in the membership book to find contact information for friends who we thought might be interested in serving on various committees, only to find that many weren't members. We immediately began a recruitment campaign that has added several new members to our roles. If each of you reached out to one fellow retiree, who is not a member, and invited them to join, we think we could easily reach our goal of 2000 members. It takes a large number of folks working very hard to make this organization perform so effectively. The dedicated members of the executive board have each provided us with valuable services to create a smoothly functioning organization. We wish to thank each of these extraordinary individuals for their tireless work. We also want to stress that there is a place for you in this organization. The old adage that "many hands lighten the workload" applies to our organization. Each of you has talents that would benefit our organization, please consider sharing those. Don't wait until someone asks you directly; consider this an open invitation to join the executive board in some capacity. We have asked each committee chairperson to provide a brief overview of their committee's responsibilities and will share those in a future edition of The Informer and at our September meeting. As we plan the meetings and activities for the year, we look forward to interacting with you on a number of exciting ventures, assisting the community, traveling and enjoying special times together sharing fellowship and good food.

Dixie & Bonnie




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